Eczema Be Gone (Body)
Eczema Be Gone (Body)
Eczema Be Gone (Body)

Eczema Be Gone (Body)

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Tired of itchy, inflamed dry skin? Is your irritation on your face? This set is sure to soothe your skin all-year long. Our Eczema Be Gone set will promote smooth moisturized skin on your body throughout all seasons.

 This set includes our:

Oatmeal Cleansing Bar, Black Soap Bar or Black Soap Liquid

Clay Therapy

Brown Sugar Scrub and

Body Mousse


The oatmeal cleansing bar gently cleanses while maintaining moisture.  

The African black soap gives a deep squeeky clean. 

The Brown Sugar Scrub exfoliated skin and changes it from dry and itchy to smoothe and moisturized, bringing back your natural glow. 

The body mousse will lock in moisture all day long.