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Blissful Therapy is a holistic health and wellness company with a vast natural, skin care line.  LaShelle Whitmore, the founder, has formulated a wonderful line of products for the skin and hair using the highest quality, natural ingredients around. Her line includes just what you need for your daily self-care; including a natural deodorant and sunscreen that are safe and efficient. LaShelle understands that what you put on your body should be as safe as what you put in your body. Along with soothing and pampering the skin with creamy butters and sugar scrubs, her products also help manage the effects of major ailments.  Her customers have been able to find relief from eczema, acne, psoriasis, and lupus.  You can now keep your skin soft and supple without adding harsh chemicals to your daily regimen.  Blissful Therapy is for those who understand the importance of self-care. Slow down and enjoy a Blissful Life, both inside and out.  LaShelle is also a gifted intuitive, an empath and a reiki practitioner.  She uses her spiritual gifting to help her clients overcome anxiety, depression, physical, mental and emotional blockages through intuitive guidance sessions and energy healing.


I absolutely love these products. I received some as a gift and they have worked WONDERS for my skin! I have struggled to find a product that helps with my eczema problem spots but the African black soap has helped soften my skin and increases its ability to take in moisture. The facial moisturizer is also very refreshing and it only takes a small amount! I am truly grateful for my friends who have allowed me to experience such joy!!!


I’ve already shared with all my friends on social media the blessings Lashelle helped me realize I had. I’ve never met her a day in my life, but she’s given me clarity. I felt mute. My heart was on stage and my body was in the crowd. I feel my spirit has awakened, and my body, my shell is in its rightful place. I claim that 2019 bag because my mouth ain’t closed no more. I’m trying to eat. Thank you for helping me realize how blessed I am. I pray for your health and longevity for you to continue sharing your gift. Peace, Queen.

Jawon Carter

My daughter expressed some anxiety concerns so I scheduled a reiki session with Lashelle right away. My daughter and I were quite surprised at the accuracy of the reading. We kept looking at each other like wow, we just discussed this. My daughter left with great confidence and told me that she is going to be sure to follow the advice Lashelle gave her and that she TRUSTS her. We both highly recommend this service and I plan to schedule one for myself soon.


Peace and blessings! Talk about having a gift, I had a reading today and it was truly and authentic soul reading! Lashelle has a true gift and I confirmed every moment of my reading it was clear and to the point! If you are looking for the way, she can probably guide you! Thanks again beloved!


This Lip Therapy is fantastic! Living in the desert makes it hard to stay moisturized, and my lips often take a beating. This lip therapy stays together in the tube, it lasts a long time - in the tube and on my lips, it's natural, edible and safe, and it even keeps my lips l0_0king delicious. Thanks for making such a great product Blissful Therapy! I will continue to support your brand.


Lashelle follows through! It's been a year since my last seizure and although I am still on anti-seizure medication, Lashelle's reading helped wonders with my peace of mind, helped me dealing with stress and coping with my new state of being. Out of all the doctors I have seen since my diagnosis (and I see 3 different doctors on a consistent basis), Lashelle is the only person to call to check to see how I was doing, my state of mind, and showed genuine concern to my well being. Thank you again for all that you've done all that you continue to do please continue to use your gifts and talents to improve our lives and and community.


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