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I absolutely love these products. I received some as a gift and they have worked WONDERS for my skin! I have struggled to find a product that helps with my eczema problem spots but the African black soap has helped soften my skin and increases its ability to take in moisture. The facial moisturizer is also very refreshing and it only takes a small amount! I am truly grateful for my friends who have allowed me to experience such joy!!!


I’ve already shared with all my friends on social media the blessings Lashelle helped me realize I had. I’ve never met her a day in my life, but she’s given me clarity. I felt mute. My heart was on stage and my body was in the crowd. I feel my spirit has awakened, and my body, my shell is in its rightful place. I claim that 2019 bag because my mouth ain’t closed no more. I’m trying to eat. Thank you for helping me realize how blessed I am. I pray for your health and longevity for you to continue sharing your gift. Peace, Queen.

Jawon Carter

My daughter expressed some anxiety concerns so I scheduled a reiki session with Lashelle right away. My daughter and I were quite surprised at the accuracy of the reading. We kept looking at each other like wow, we just discussed this. My daughter left with great confidence and told me that she is going to be sure to follow the advice Lashelle gave her and that she TRUSTS her. We both highly recommend this service and I plan to schedule one for myself soon.


Peace and blessings! Talk about having a gift, I had a reading today and it was truly and authentic soul reading! Lashelle has a true gift and I confirmed every moment of my reading it was clear and to the point! If you are looking for the way, she can probably guide you! Thanks again beloved!


This Lip Therapy is fantastic! Living in the desert makes it hard to stay moisturized, and my lips often take a beating. This lip therapy stays together in the tube, it lasts a long time - in the tube and on my lips, it's natural, edible and safe, and it even keeps my lips l0_0king delicious. Thanks for making such a great product Blissful Therapy! I will continue to support your brand.


Lashelle follows through! It's been a year since my last seizure and although I am still on anti-seizure medication, Lashelle's reading helped wonders with my peace of mind, helped me dealing with stress and coping with my new state of being. Out of all the doctors I have seen since my diagnosis (and I see 3 different doctors on a consistent basis), Lashelle is the only person to call to check to see how I was doing, my state of mind, and showed genuine concern to my well being. Thank you again for all that you've done all that you continue to do please continue to use your gifts and talents to improve our lives and and community.


LaShelle  is a godsend!  She literally has the answer to many problems.  She's got amazing skincare products, super healing hands as an intuitive healer and is spiritually attuned to the unseen world such that she can reveal things about you and your past which may help to explain things in your present or future. My reading with her confirmed a lot for me and helped ease mind about family members I was worried about.  I can't wait to book with her again! I highly suggest anyone needing answers or healing to book a session with her.  You will not regret it!


My first in person session I could literally feel the heat/energy radiating from her hands. I could feel as though something in me had changed.  My perception and clarity about people became more sensitive and in-tune. Within a few days I found myself cutting out toxic people and becoming more aware of others and their actions and reactions. Your mini sessions are just what I need to help me find the clarity that I seek.  Each session has been a stepping stone providing me with deeper introspection.


I was skeptical at the idea of being Reiki'd let alone from a distance! I asked not to be told when she would to it, to ensure that I could judge what/if any changes or moods were felt.  All I know for sure was she would perform a set of 2/3 sessions over 2 weeks.  Afer a few days, Day 3 I believe; I woke up with an extra pep in my step.  Not just a "well rested" type of thing.  I felt high on life-extremely positive about everything-although I can be pretty optimistic; when I realized/reflected that my positivity even transferred to my body image?  I knew that this was not just a coincidence. Her distance services were merely an appetizer one I received a session in person! I would recommend her services to a novice like me or a seasoned reiki enthusiast.


LaShelle Whitmore possesses extraordinary spiritual gifts making her a healing oasis for weary and depleted souls. I’ve experience her ability to eliminate trapped energy, balance negative emotions and stress, which provided me with an abundance of clarity, thus allowing me to thrive at life with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Whitmore is a first-rate healer and clairvoyant…she was born for this very necessary work!


I am grateful for running into you and walking into your workshop presentation.  The whole experience felt like it was meant to be and I felt a connection to you like we are sisters (1234).  Your reiki session was very enlightening and I loved how I could feel your energy working magic on mine.  Thank you for all your help and advice.  I feel renewed this week and ready to continue learning.  The deodorant has been working a lot better than I imagined.  Your products are amazing.  I will keep in touch and continue seeking your services. Blessed be Sister! With love Viviana


My face has always been very sensitive to anything I put on it. I often have issues with even the most basic of cleansers and have skin dermatitis that reacts to the environment.  At first I was skeptical to using the black soap-because well its black! I decided to give it a try after hearing very positive reviews. the soap goes on smooth with a delicious smell. I felt like my face was getting a deep cleaning spa treatment. after only a few days my face has shown noticeable improvement thanks to the black soap. It really does deep cleanse while leaving your skin feeling soft and supple.


I've fallen in LOVE with Blissful Therapy's Zen scented Shea Butter!! I've used it all over my body and it is truly Amazing At locking in the moisture... Being a New Yorker I need something in the winter months that can give moisture and softness to my sensitive skin and this is definitely a new staple to me! I've also loved the brown sugar scrub! It's so hard to not want to taste it when you are washing up! It rinses off nicely and left my skin feeling like silk! I'm completely sold ~Love and Light~ Sie


So my little one had very dry skin and the baby line of Aveeno  and Johnson and Johnson was not helping... we began using blissful therapy baby love soap and  body mousse and realized that it helped with the dryness and flaking. Baby's skin no longer felt dry or crusty... baby loves his relaxing baths and the scent is similar you Johnson and Johnson but very clean and lathers great with just a little... I also use the mousse in babies hair for the cradle cap and as a scalp moisturizer before brushing. It brings his curls back to life and helps with scalp dryness. I'm definitely a lifelong customer.


As a woman, you gotta be very careful about what you cleanse your private area with. All of the perfumed soaps left me with a weird smell, discharge and abnormal feeling down there. Besides the fact that I'm allergic to most everything, they still aren't meant for cleaning that area. The first time I used Blissful Therapy's oatmeal bar on my full body, I thoroughly washed down there and, immediately I felt fresh and clean. I haven't had a weird smell, feeling nor discharge since!!! That's a beautiful feeling and I can walk around each day in total confidence! Let's not forget the other slew of BT's products I use for my skin care regimen! Customer for life!


Others Testimonials


I have been made a BELIEVER! If you are not a believer in what she can do and the process that she’ll take you through this is the testimony for you. This year, out of nowhere I began having unexplained seizures. Before being put on anti-seizure medication, I had three seizures about a month and a half apart from each other. After running every test/scan/blood work in the book and being deemed a healthy woman other than the unexplained seizure disorder the doctor’s told me they were stress induced. Now being a wife, mother of two, and a high school teacher it can be stressful at times to juggle all of my responsibilities so to say that it is caused by stress only stressed me out more. I felt like a ticking time bomb, to say the least. I had heard of Reiki before, but only in passing. When my husband suggested that I talk to Lashelle about my seizures, I have to admit I was skeptical. Turning 35 and wanting to know the cause of my seizures led me to consent to Lashelle’s help and Reiki reading. I sent her my full body picture and answered her questions. I was skeptical only because I didn’t know that her gift was so strong that she was able to read me from across the U.S. She is in Vegas and I am in Maryland. What she shared with me from her reading of me was nothing short of miraculous. I mean I don’t know her that well and she was able to tell me things about myself that I have not even shared out loud with anyone. She said something that I had just realized about myself the literal day before! I had recently been feeling a tingling pain and numbness in my hands and did not know why. In my reading she said that the word neuropathy came up and she had never known the word before my reading. She told me to look it up and see how it’s connected to me. I did just that and guess what it was…tingling pain and numbness of the hands and arms! I won’t go into any more of the specifics of my reading, but I will say this: be open to the process, listen to her reading, marinate on what she says, and then be honest with yourself (sometimes the truth is hard to hear, but remember walking in your truth can be empowering) and what it means moving forward. Those 21 days after the reading she said that I would be very emotional and needed to be around positive vibes. Heed that warning! Take her reading as a stepping stone to a more deeper understanding of yourself and use it as a tool to help heal yourself from the inside out. I will be forever grateful for her insight and sharing her gifts with me.


My name is Katie. I went to a Mind, Body, Spirit Expo here in Austin, TX and this is where I met LaShelle. I decided to have a quick session with her, and I have never experienced reiki before this day. We spoke briefly , but I didn’t disclose any information to her about any of my ailments (migraines, joint pain, etc). I wanted to see what she could pick up honestly. She asked my full birth name and we got started. I felt tingly all over, warm and fuzzy too as she proceeded with her work. I could feel her hands even though they weren’t touching me at all. This sensation alone was awesome to me because I am easily distracted and we were surrounded by passers by at the expo. I could “feel the connection” she made for sure. She checked my chakras to see what was open or closed and communicated that info to me. Then she went directly to my head. Pulled her hand away because of the intensity she was feeling. She continued to work there for a while. During this process she is receiving information and communicating it to me. She asked if I suffered from migraines and I told her I did. Then she proceeded to tell me that they seemed to be from a carry over of a past life. I have had migraines since I was a small child. LaShelle then told me she could see I had an accidental blunt forced trauma in a past life, and that I needed to set an intention to let that go and be free of them. That I have done and it’s been 2 months since my session with her and I have not had any migraines(should have had 2 or 3 by now). I have gone to a few more reiki sessions with other masters, and they were great, but LaShell in my opinion has a few more spiritual “Gifts” than most. There is a medium like energy that she taps into. She passed along messages to me. Things she had no idea what they meant, but I knew exactly what they meant. I think she’s great and plan on doing remote sessions with her in the future. She is a kind true soul who is willing to share all of her gifts to help others on their journey in this life, I would highly recommend her to any and all!


I’ve known LaShelle for quite a bit of time. I’ve personally worked on her as her massage therapist and she would talk to me about how successful and intense her reiki sessions would be. After that I was convinced she’s the real deal and decided to try a reiki session for myself and see what it’s all about. I asked her how do I prepare myself for the session, she simply told me, don’t wear red or black clothing. So The day of my appointment I was super excited and nervous, I didn’t know what to expect or what she’ll find going on with me. She saged me at the beginning and did a prayer before starting, then proceeded to check which chakras were open and closed. After that I was on the table and she began the actual reiki. You can literally feel how hot her hands are, even tho she isn’t touching you. At some points I can feel her pulling “something” off of me and it was the weirdest feeling. Almost nauseating. But interesting. I loved the way she explained in detail everything she was doing and feeling. Everything made perfect sense. It wasn’t any crazy mumbo-jumbo. She also has a really neat psychic gift so if any messages come through, she’ll let you know. After the session I was just blown away and had a lot to contemplate about. I was feeling a whole lot more positive and up lifted. She mentioned I should be feeling the effects for about 21 days and to be weary of the negative things I surround myself with like music or television, etc. But yeah it was an amazing month. I was supper motivated, active and positive. I was accomplishing my health and fitness goals with ease. I feel like my positivity/ light was also influencing my friends and family because all of a sudden they were also interested in getting fit and healthy and were seeking my help. I will definitely be recommending LaShelle to all my friends and family. Like I said she’s the real deal.

A. Howard

My husband WAS addicted to Chapstick, until three (3) years ago when I met LaShelle at an open market in Las Vegas. I was there visiting a friend, who thought this would be fun and different for us to do. I appreciate her so much more for taking me. Because that day, my husband’s addiction was CURED! Why spend $5.00 on lip balm? Because you want to moisture, heal, soften, and care for your lips. My husband has me order a supply for the winter every year! I even go so far as to put a little on my eyelids when they get dry and flaky!. I have been using Blissful Therapy products for a few years, and this year I ventured onto the website to see all the products that are offered. I was intrigued by the clay as I have extreme eczema, and am tired of doctors who like to remind you (as you’re getting a new prescription) that there’s no cure for eczema – but there’s got to be relief! So, I decided to try the clay, and on a day when I had a bad flare up! I put it on waited the 15 minutes, and then washed it off. My skin felt amazing. It was soft, the itching stopped immediately, and relief was mine for weeks. My most troubled area are my eyelids. Without thinking I applied the clay to my eyelids as well. They need more treatments, but they felt amazing as well. After a conversation with LaShelle, I’m encouraged that I’m on the right track to not only get relief, but heal my skin. Thanks, LaShelle, for amazing products that make me feel luxurious and healthy at the same time. Oh, and i smell GREAT! Warmly, Antonette Artiz Washington, DC

Antonette Artiz

OK I must first put it out there I totally didn’t know what reiki was and never heard of it until I met Lashelle. She would talk about the benefits of it but I always chopped it up to being some weird voodoo stuff. See when you’re raised in a Baptist church all of your life, and hearing how any “alternative” health and spiritual methods could land you in the pit of fire when you die, you tend to stay away from things that talk about energy and someone aligning your chakras. The church would call it witchcraft. Luckily I came out of that church trance and as Lashelle I got closer I would really pay attention to her stories about her sessions and how amazing things would happen for the people she worked on from physical healing in their bodies or spiritual awakening or mental clarity. I still wasn’t ready to try it yet. After years, I had my first reiki session last summer 2016 and I can honestly say I was scared. I’m not sure what I thought would happen, maybe some of that church mind frame was still in me. Once I laid there and let my mind be open some astonishing things happened. She started telling me things about each area of body and she addressed the concerns that were in my head about my health that I’ve never told her before. I listened to what she said as she aligned my chakras. I listened to her directions and I could see my health improving over the weeks after. Because of this reading I got my diet under control, started doing yoga and my allergic reactions I was having to food stopped which allowed my face to clear up. I am a true believer in reiki now and have been back to Lashelle twice since then. She truly has a gift to hear from The Most High all while aligning your chakras. I didn’t know that reiki didn’t include the reading part, that’s something extra she adds on and I’m appreciative of her gift.


I contacted Lashelle looking for a natural remedy for my daughter’s eczema. Prescriptions were so expensive and the relief was temporary. Lashelle recommended the Oatmeal cleansing bar and the Blissful Noire. I also purchased the Raw Shea butter. The oatmeal bar worked amazingly at clearing my daughter’s eczema and with daily use she has not had any major reoccurrence. Now my favorite product by far is the Blissful Noire. This magic bar as I like to call it, has worked wonders on my and my daughters skin. It keeps me clear and has evened out my skin tone. Occasionally I will get a breakout due to hormone changes but Blissful Noire has my skin clear within a couple of days as compared to a week with store bought products. I gave a bar of the Blissful Noire to a coworker who has struggled with adult acne and she has been amazed with her results. She is a believer and she makes sure I pick her up a couple of bars of the Blissful Noire every time I purchase from Blissful Therapy. I recently purchased the Peach body mousse and the Naturally moisturizing sunscreen and I love everything! If you are looking for a natural, all handmade products then Blissful Therapy is the way to go!A very satisfied customer Carmeisha Johnson


My name is Kim, and I have been fortunate enough to have tried some of Lashelle’s home-made, pure and natural products. My personal favorite is the “Blissful Cleansing Bar.” I use it in the bath or shower and the light scent is very clean and enjoyable. I have many cleansing gels and soaps but this is the first one I reach for, it is extremely moisturizing and the lather is great!!! I feel refreshingly clean without strong scents or chemicals. I just love it!!! I have also tried the “Lavender Body Polish.” It smells of wonderful lavender as they are sprinkled around you as you soak in a hot tub relaxing the tensions of the day away!! It is truly an enjoyable and relaxing experience!! The ” Blissful Lip Therapy” is very light and moisturizing !! I use it often in place of my previous lip balm. I am excited to use these products due to their pure and natural ingredients, with no added hidden items!! It is very noticeable when you try them the wonderful difference!!