Spritual Waistbeads:  Love of Self-Heart Chakra

Spritual Waistbeads: Love of Self-Heart Chakra

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Waistbeads are a beautiful way to 

  • adorn your body
  • monitor your eating habits and weight
  • keep your crystals close
  • remind you of your divine femininity
  • remind you of your beauty and sensuality
  • represent a coming of age from girlhood to womanhood

These are my favorite waistbeads.  These waistbeads are for amplifying self-love and releasing stress. They help the wearer purge old ancestral wounds and bad habits.  These beads are mainly green to represent love, self-love and the heart chakra. Black has been included for energetic protection.  Unakite is a powerful crystal that helps open the third eye, assists with balance and grounding.  It also promotes healthy habits and releasing emotional patterns.