Clear and Bright for Oily Acne Prone Skin

Clear and Bright for Oily Acne Prone Skin

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-Black Soap bar
-4 oz Clay Therapy
-4 oz Lemon Sugar Scrub
-2 oz Facial Moisturizer


The Clear and Bright Facial Kit is the remedy for oily, acne prone skin. Are you struggling with breakouts? Hyperpigmentation? Pitting? Look no further! This is the package for you.

Our black soap is definitely a customer favorite because it helps lessen, treat and clear acne, gets rid of blackheads, psoriasis and eczema. Black soap has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is great for deep pore cleansing on the face and body. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which suppresses free radicals and prevents premature aging. It also is effective at removing makeup and evening skin tone. To use work up a soapy lather using a loofah or sponge (don’t use the bar directly on the skin because of its natural texture) and enjoy. Black soap absorbs water easily, so use a soap holder or store in a dry location. Water absorption from the air will cause a thin, white layer of bubbles to appear. Don’t worry, this isn’t mold. Your soap still works fine. For sensitive skin, as with any new product, be sure to do a patch test on the inside of your elbow to ensure that you are not allergic to the soap.

Our Clay Therapy is nothing less than a miracle! With its many uses, you’ll be wondering how you got by without it for so long. Bentonite clay is derived from volcanic ash and is recognized for its ability to draw out toxins and heavy metals. Use your clay on skin irritations such as blemishes and insect bites. It is said to be calming for eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox, bites, burns, and stings. Simply apply a thick paste of it to the problem, let it dry, and rinse it off after 20 minutes or more. For more severe issues; apply a thick layer, wrap in wet gauze or cloth, and change every two hours. For smooth healthy skin, make a paste with filtered water or apple cider vinegar and use as a face mask. I leave on for 20 minutes and rinse off. We recommend applying two or three times a week. Our clay dries up oily spots and it is great for reducing lines and smoothing skin. You can add ¼ of a cup of the clay to a bath or foot soak for a relaxing foot soak for a relaxing detox. It’s great for removing toxins on a larger scale and it softens the skin. I could go on for days, but just so you know, people also use it for mastitis, baby powder, and morning sickness. Our extra strength version has been used for internal cleansing for sick pets, parasitic removal, and to reduce radiation exposure. It is mixed with water to create an oral rinse. Directions: Scoop out a teaspoon with a plastic or wooden spoon. Mix the powder with enough apple cider vinegar or filtered water to make a paste. Apply as needed. Avoid letting clay touch metal.

Use our antioxidant rich Lemon Sugar Scrub 1-3 days per week to exfoliate dull skin and show off your natural glow. This perfect blend of plant-based, antioxidant rich ingredients will moisturize and minimize the appearance of aging. Our scrub works great to cleanse pores with its antibacterial qualities. It prevents hyperpigmentation, acne, and wrinkles. Simply massage gently into clean, wet skin in a circular motion avoiding the eyes and nose. Then rinse and pat dry.

Blissful Facial Moisturizer will soften skin without risking your health with harsh chemicals. Our handmade moisturizer can turn back the hands of time with anti-aging effects of lemon essential oils. Simply rub a small amount into hands and pat gently into clean skin daily.

Suggested order is black soap, clay and moisturizer on even days. Black soap, lemon sugar scrub and moisturizer on odd days. If your skin is more sensitive use the sugar scrub and clay with less frequency. 2 days per week each.