About Me

Blissful Therapy is the baby that I’ve been nurturing for a while. I’ve been building on a dream that I could share with others. It’s an extension of myself really. The product line, gardening classes, the natural healing, essential oils, and other products are all things that I do for myself. So many people have asked how I’ve my life with a natural lifestyle. I chose to share it with you! I’ve created a skin care line that prevents the ailments that other products on the market were unable to. I don’t believe that we should have to choose. I want it all. I should be able to smell Blissful, look Blissful, and feel Blissful inside and out.

What Our Clients Say

My name is Katie. I went to a Mind, Body, Spirit Expo here in Austin, TX and this is where I met LaShelle. I decided to have a quick session with her, and I have never experienced reiki before this day. We spoke briefly , but I didn't disclose any information to her about any of my ailments (migraines, joint pain, etc).


I have been made a BELIEVER! If you are not a believer in what she can do and the process that she'll take you through this is the testimony for you. This year, out of nowhere I began having unexplained seizures. Before being put on anti-seizure medication, I had three seizures about a month and a half apart from each other.


I've known LaShelle for quite a bit of time. I've personally worked on her as her massage therapist and she would talk to me about how successful and intense her reiki sessions would be. After that I was convinced she's the real deal and decided to try a reiki session for myself and see what it's all about.


I first heard of Lashelle through a friend of mine that was also a client of hers. We were at lunch one day discussing our previous jobs. I had admitted to this friend, and myself, that I was still very angry with how my previous employment had ended over a year ago.


My face has always been very sensitive to anything I put on it. I often have issues with even the most basic of cleansers and have skin dermatitis that reacts to the environment. At first I was skeptical to using the black soap-because well its black!

David D

I have been using Blissful Therapy products for a few years, and this year I ventured onto the website to see all the products that are offered. I was intrigued by the clay as I have extreme eczema, and am tired of doctors who like to remind you..

Antonette Artiz

I contacted Lashelle looking for a natural remedy for my daughter's eczema. Prescriptions were so expensive and the relief was temporary. Lashelle recommended the Oatmeal cleansing bar and the Blissful Noire. I also purchased the Raw Shea butter.

Carmeisha Johnson

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