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Blissful Noire

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Our black soap is definitely a customer favorite. To use, break off a piece and shape with your hands. Work up a soapy lather and enjoy. When you get to the last bit of your bar and it’s too small to use, simply push the old sliver into your new bar and it will unite easily. It is soft and absorbs water easily, so avoid letting it sit in a puddle of water or it will dissolve. Use a soap holder or store in a dry location or in a plastic bag. Extended exposure to the air will cause a thin white film. Don’t worry, this isn’t mold. Your soap still works fine. It is simply the result of water absorption from the air. It can be avoided with proper storage.

Its ingredients include; ashes from cocoa pods and plantain skin, and palm oil. It is said to be naturally antibacterial and prevents excess oil production and hinders bacterial growth from developing on the skin. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which suppress free radicals and prevent premature aging. It can be used as a body soap, shampoo, and facial cleanser.

For sensitive skin, as with any new product, be sure to do a patch test on the inside of your elbow to ensure that you are not allergic to the soap.

Each comes in a 4 oz.

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2 reviews for Blissful Noire

  1. nia
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    It’s hard to find pure African black soap with so many product on the market that have been mixed and remixed but they are still labeled black soap. But I am here to tell you THIS IS THE REAL THING!! This soap is awesome I use it for my face and I am prone to acne. Let me tell you I haven’t broken out since starting to use this soap again and it’s been over a year. I’m ready to buy my second batch……. 2 please!!

  2. Brianne Kamaladin
    5 out of 5


    LOVE THIS!!! Using this has made my acne disappear almost completely! I could not believe how fast this works! Also works very nicely as a body soap! A MUST BUY!!

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